Guest : Nick Ansell
             Jeanette Damon

Residents of the Muizenberg, Hout Bay & Kirstenhof suburbs know her as "Teardrop" her,
Modus Operandi is simple & effective. She targets unsuspecting drivers, usually single
males, she requests a lift & once they've hit the road she gets acquainted & then
demands money. If the driver refuses she makes a helluva scene & threatens to accuse
the driver of rape. Most drivers just pay up to avoid trouble. She also approaches
people in shopping centres and has been known to assault individuals and make
massive scenes if she doesn't get cash.
Tonight we are joined by Jeanette Damon who had a run in with "Tear Drop" whose real
name is Nicome van Noorwyk and Nick Ansill from Premier Security who knows
TearDrop and has had regular contact with her through his work.

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