Guest : Linda Daniels

This weekend is of course the Cape Town Cycle Tour.
Thousands of rides are taking part.
But this year the the Salesian Life Choices (SLC) team will be cycling Tour to raise funds
for young people from the under-resourced communities of the Cape Flats to support
their tertiary level studies. S
Some find it difficult to find money to register, others are denied residence and many
lack the money to travel each day to University and so on. SLC has a study emergency
grant to assist the Alumni to avoid to dropout or to begin studying.
This year, the Salesian Life Choices cycling team will be cycling 109 km on the day and
asking supporters to sponsor each of them with at least R100p/km. You can sponsor one
or as many km as you like.
Joining us on the line is Life Choices spokesperson Linda Daniels

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