Guest : Ganief Hendricks

As Muslims around the globe mark the holy month of Ramadan, a Cape Town mosque
situated in Muir Street has been hit with a noise complaint.
Congregants of a District Six mosque have described a complaint over its daily call to
prayer as absurd and ridiculous.
It's too noisy, according to a resident. The public was recently made aware of a
complaint lodged with police.
In a statement, the mosque's leaders explained the adhan (call to prayer) was sounded
daily since its inception 100 years ago.
A meeting was held on Saturday to discuss the matter. Two congregants told Eyewitness
News they were shocked by the noise complaint lodged by a local resident.
“We’ve come to pray here, it’s not like we’re being violent. We’ve come to pray.”
Another congregant added: “It’s a part of our culture, so it needs to be maintained.”
In a statement, members of the Muir Street Mosque committee said they would engage
with officials requesting a review of the city's by-law which addresses noise pollution.
It’s understood the City of Cape Town will investigate the matter after Ramadan.
The committee believes the adhan or any other call to prayer can never be regarded as
Joining us on the line is Ganief Hendricks , leader of the Al Jamaah party, he also serves
on the Appeals Commitee of the City of Cape Town.

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