Lori-anne Biebuyck
Lori-Anne Biebuyck braced herself for the bad news. Having lost both her parents to
cancer, her mammogram had doctors on high alert. Six biopsies later, they diagnosed
Biebuyck with stage four breast cancer. The days that followed brought tears,
chemotherapy, and hair loss. Biebuyck tried to hide it with wigs and scarves, but none of
them felt right. Then her friend made her a hat..........
Rita du Plessis
Growing up, Rita du Plessis felt enormous pressure to fit in. She has Asperger Syndrome,
a developmental disorder on the autism spectrum. Though not uncommon, it's still
widely misunderstood. Today, Du Plessis is drawing up her own definition of belonging
with the animated film, Sam the Hedgehog. With her insightful critters, this artist is
reframing ideas of normality.
Tandekile Mkize
Tandekile Mkize avoids stepping on the cracks. He isn’t superstitious. But in these
spaces, flowers thrive. Nature’s ability to grow past the concrete holds deeper meaning
for Mkize. He sees a resilience there – one he bears witness to every day. His
photography represents the way people of colour confront adversity, only to push
through and emerge stronger.
Songelwa Sicuku-Mkita
The only knowledge Songelwa Sicuku-Mkita had about her father came from rumours.
He’d abandoned her family before she was born. And when Sicuku-Mkita was seven, her
mother passed away. The young girl began spending afternoons on the sports field,
drawn to the sense of family she encountered in team sport. Sicuku-Mkita says. With
positive leaders guiding her and the support of a team, she took her passion for games
and ran with it.
Qden Blaauw
Qden Blaauw wouldn’t be the pianist he is today if it wasn’t for his iPad. At the age of
eight, he discovered a piano app and the wonder of classical music. The sounds of
Beethoven, Bach, and Chopin rang out from the speaker. Blaauw was entranced. He
tapped his fingers on the screen, keeping up with the melody. Soon, he was begging his
parents for piano lessons. Just six years on from his first app recital, Blaauw is travelling
the world as a classical pianist.

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