Guest : Sharna Fernandez

The Department of social welfare has removed 16 children from a local Woodstock
orphanage. The head of the orphanage Amina Madien was arrested by the Hawks for
fraud and corruption. It's alleged that she pocketed money intended for the orphanage.
The orphanage has responded in a statement claiming “The department failed to
inform the children about the process and their removal, and they forced them to take
all their belongings,” “That process was not child-friendly, thus not in the interest of the
children, thus violating the children and traumatising them. “The home was not issued
with any tangible reasons nor notice of removal. The management of Al-Noor made
several attempts to communicate with the department with regard to a plan of action
and to urge that due process be followed.
When we called the orphanage we were told that only volunteers were at the
orphanage, no staff members were available to speak to us.
We are now joined on the line by the MEC for Social Development Sharna Fernandez

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